FilmĀ Assistant

May 31, 2009

Regina Weller – imdb


Regina Weller brings a high level of detail and finness to all of her work, be it administrative, organizational or practical. She has the ability to build and paint props to the utmost of specification, realism and awesomeness – it is something she is very passionate about and exceptional at.



May 30, 2009

Dried Up

Film Makers – Jeremy Casper, Stuart Bury, Isaiah Powers

Film Assistant – Regina Weller

Composer – Max Justus

Costumes – Anita Powers

Construction Consultant – Steve Mayse

Additional Props – Keaton Kohl

Special Thanks – Doug Hudson and Liz Van Verth

Tools and Supplies – John Casper and Garry Bury

Love and Support – Christina Beilke-Casper

Thanks To – Josh Zink, Adam Buritsch, Patrick Morgan, Scott McCarthy

Senior thesis

Kansas City Art Institute

Animation Department

copyright (c) Jeremy Casper, Stuart Bury, Isaiah Powers