June 1, 2009

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June 1, 2009

“Dried Up” is the story of a quiet old man who, surrounded by desolation and apathy, perseveres to remain true to the nature of his own beliefs and character. He toils daily to forge a last ditch effort to bring hope and life to a faithless, drought ridden old town.

Our film is based on found objects. We, like our main character, searched junkyards, junk piles, and kept our eyes open for objects we could find to build our sets and world. In a way we lived out that aspect of our protagonist. We chose stop motion for our film because we were able to take what we found and directly implement it into our sets and the world we were creating. It helped us form a deeper synthesis as each object we found interacted and interplayed with the other objects in the scenes.

Film Makers Bio’s

June 1, 2009

Jeremy CasperWebpageVimeo.


He currently resides with his wife in Kansas City where he recently earned a bachelors of fine arts in animation from the Kansas City Art Institute.  After graduation he would like to pursue a multitude of avenues, that hopefully lead in the direction of becoming an independent filmmaker.

Dried Up (2009)
Cut from the Same Cloth (2008)

Isaiah PowersWebpageVimeo


Isaiah was born in the midwest, grew up in the east and is always looking for an excuse to take a road trip west. At a young age his father taught him all he knew about videography and story telling. To this day he is still trying to unwrap those lessons. He started his college training of film under the tutorship of Fritz Kiersch and Gray Fredrickson, but soon realized that live action is not the only way to tell a story. Within a couple of years he ended up in the midwest at the Kansas City Art Institute. He accidently became enamored with stop motion as it is a great and frightening place to bring his skill set to the table. From planing out shooting schedules to animation to building camera rigs, he has a blast. Recently graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute he is currently looking for work.

Selected Filmography:
Dried Up (2009)
Cow Town (2007)
Isaiah 64 (2006)

Stuart BuryWebpageVimeo


Stuart Bury was born and raised in Kansas City.  His parents encouraged him to invest in his creativity from a very young age.  When he was twelve he met his great uncle Bob Allen, animator for MGM cartoons.  Ever since then Stuart has spent his days drawing.  After a year of community college Stuart enrolled in the Kansas City Art Institute Animation Program.  He quickly fell in love with the charm and power of animation. Now a senior Stuart will to continue to explore narrative in animation, and will graduate next may. In the future he hopes to help build a creative animation community in Kansas City.



My Best Friend (2010)

Evolve – The Chariot (2010)

Dried Up (2009)

ctrl alt dance (2008)

Composer Bio

June 1, 2009

Max Justus 


Max Justus Is: A man 21 years of age. He has emerged from the state of Wisconsin as a laptop musician extortioner who has already conquered such forces as those of Kanye West and C & C music factory. His latest album is titled Five Leaping Leopards. No one knows where he will end up next – but there will be a dance party.